Orgasol® technical features

The Arkema patented polymerization process used to produce Orgasol® ultrafine powder leads to a product with unique shape and narrow particle size distribution. Made without the grinding step used to manufacture most of other powders, Orgasol® offers spherical particles, in seven sizes from 5 to 60 microns, and a very accurate control of particle size distribution.

Orgasol® and it narrow particle size distribution:

Orgasol® narrow particle size distribution

The unique Orgasol® process is designed to target accurate and well controlled fine average particle sizes from 5 to 60 microns. This large product range enables Orgasol® to be incorporated in formulations designed for can coating market as well as to get unique textured finishes.

Orgasol® particles shape

Orgasol® particles shape

Polyamide particles shape obtained by grinding

Polyamide particles shape



Based on 3 polyamide powders (PA 6, PA 12 and PA 6/12), Orgasol® powders have other features such as:

  • A micro-porosity from 1 to 20 m²/g
  • A range of melting temperatures from 140 to 220°C, to accommodate different process temperatures
  • Low density, which helps keep the Orgasol® dispersion stable


Orgasol® powders can be used in water based, solvent based, powder, 100% solid UV and EB curable formulations. This ultra-fine powder is easy to mechanically disperse in liquid no matter the type of resin used (polyurethane, polyester, epoxy, acrylic, phenolic, etc.).

For more information on Orgasol® features or grades approved for food contact, please feel free to contact us or request product information technical brochure.