Orgasol® in transfer paper: printing quality and image durability

The principal market for heat transfer paper is imaging on cotton and stretchable garments.

Printing quality, transfer ability and laundering resistance are considered as the three most critical factors to market satisfaction.


Ink jet transfer paper requires a porous ink layer that allows liquid inks to be absorbed during the printing process.

Orgasol® powder has features that enables optimum image quality:

  • micro-porosity and micro-spherical shape result in a consistently porous structure and good ink absorption
  • hydrophilic properties that make it compatible with water-based inks


Orgasol® powder also has good adhesion properties to the fabric when the image is transferred using a hand-held iron or heat press. Orgasol® powder has a low melting point (142°C) with a high melt flow rate that ensures optimum penetration of Orgasol® powder into textile fibers and transfer of the image.


The consistent and fine particle size of Orgasol® powder eases manufacturing and ensures consistent film thickness.


Orgasol® powders' unique features also allow optimal laundering resistance.

Technical data sheets of recommended grades:
3501 EXD NAT 1 3502 D NAT 1


If you need further information on Orgasol® powder using on transfer paper market, please feel free to contact us or request heat transfer paper technical brochure.