Orgasol® powder: a texturing agent in furniture

Aesthetics is the main selling point for wood furniture and electronic appliances manufacturers.

Wood furniture

Consumers are looking for wood that is smooth to the touch with an even satin gloss.


Orgasol® powder is the best solution to achieve smooth texture and gloss. The spherical shape and uniform particle size of Orgasol® powder create a soft and silky texture.


Adding Orgasol® powder at low level (< 2%) has no impact on varnish transparency and enables good mar resistance.


Orgasol® powder can also be used as a topcoat for tables, doors, or windows to improve scratch resistance.

Technical data sheets of recommended grades:
2001 UD NAT 1 2001 EXD NAT 1 2002 D NAT 1 2002 ES3 NAT 3 2002 ES6 NAT3


If you need further information on Orgasol® powder properties for furniture coatings, please feel free to contact us or request industrial coating technical brochure.