Orgasol® powder in wood flooring

Orgasol® powder is a solution that provides long-term scratch and abrasion resistance combining a nice wood flooring finish and durability.

From natural hardwood to engineered wood, the wood flooring market is growing. Consumers are mainly drawn to the warm and inviting look of wood floorings, as well as to its sustainability.


Nevertheless, the wood-flooring market has to deal with competitors like laminate flooring that have grawn increasingly aggressive in terms of price and product offering.


To remain competitive on global flooring market, wood flooring manufacturers consider two main areas of product development:

  • capitalizing on the warm and inviting finish of wood flooring
  • improving the durability of wood flooring, to achieve performance equal to laminate flooring


Improving wood flooring durability is a main concern, especially among contractors, who require durable flloring in high traffic areas (schools, public buildings, etc.).


Orgasol® powder is the best additive, available on the market, to maximize wood flooring performance.


This unique polyamide powder offers high levels of abrasion/scratch resistance, a property essential to flooring durability. Orgasol® powder is also used for its matting and texturing properties that provide long-lasting results.


In wood flooring, Orgasol® powder achieves smooth to rough textures as well as matte to satin finishes. Orgasol® powder also improves mar resistance, a critical property in the wood flooring market.


Orgasol® powder is easily dispersed in every kind of wood flooring formulations, including polyurethane, epoxy and acrylic. Orgasol® powder can be used in solvent based, water based, powder and 100% solid UV/EB curable formulations.

If you need further information on Orgasol® powder properties in wood flooring, please feel free to contact us or request flooring technical brochure.