Orgasol® powder in can coating

Can coating market is divided into food, beverage, aerosol, closures and general segments. But for all these segments, coating requirements in terms of additive properties are quite similar, namely flexibility, high abrasion and scratch resistance as well as high gloss.

Orgasol® powder: an additive that combines flexibility and abrasion/scratch resistance

Flexibility is the most critical property especially for internal coating, since cans are formed after the coating has been applied. Orgasol® powder, a thermoplastic additive, when added in a thermoset system, acts as a toughening agent, increasing the flexibility of the coating and its resistance to crack propagation.


Orgasol® polyamide's dry lubricant effect and its spherical particle shape offer little traction for abrasive materials.


Can coating required a film with a maximum thickness of 12-15 microns. Orgasol® powder grades, 2001 UD NAT 2 (5 microns) and 2002 EXD NAT 1 (10 microns), fit with this requirement and offer uniform particle shape and very narrow particle size distribution.


Orgasol® powder is easily dispersed in epoxy, phenolic, acrylic, polyester formulations. Moreover, Orgasol® powders can be used in water based, powder and 100% solid UV/EB curable formulations, all new trends in can-coating market.

Technical data sheets of recommended grades:
2001 UD NAT 2 2002 EXD NAT 1


If you are interested in Orgasol® powder properties for can coating, please feel free to contact us or download can coating technical brochure.